Monday, August 13, 2012

A special day

Happy anniversary to me and P! Two years ago we were marriaged! Friday August 13, 2010 was a special day indeed.

And exactly one year ago today, somewhere in the middle of the prairies...

...we found out about the existence of this guy:

Our little bean! He is so much more than a bean now.

Today we are also doing something special. We're trying to catch hold of the amazing summer flavour of Colorado peaches by making some peach jam.

(Patrick: "they were peeling so nicely before you started taking pictures.")

 Here is an extra bonus shot of a delicious breakfast: homemade yogurt with homemade granola and the aforementioned Colorado peaches.


  1. Happy anniversary!! That picture of Heiko is SOOO CUTE!! Such a happy baby. :)

    1. Thanks Mike! He IS a happy baby :)

  2. Happy belated Anniversary! Glad to see you guys are settling into life in Colorado with peach jam - yummers!