Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bye-bye, bottles

One thing about using professional packers to pack up your belongings for a move is that they lack the this-is-ridiculous-don't-pack-this judgement. They just pack what is there. I have heard several stories of friends unpacking carefully boxed garbage cans full of garbage.
In our case we were able to avoid those sorts of glaring mishaps, but nevertheless there were a few things that really should have been screened out before arriving in Colorado. For example, here are two champagne bottles. The problem with these bottles is that they were each bought to celebrate something momentous. In the first case (the smaller bottle), we cracked this open when we moved into our house in Toronto (2006). The larger bottle was from the day that I submitted my PhD thesis (Friday May 13, 2011: I also still have the TTC transfer from the York "Rocket"). Patrick surprised me with champagne when I got home, and what a lovely surprise! So, I've been hanging on to these bottles for a while. But it is time for them to go. It isn't like I won't have lived in that house or finished a PhD without them.

Here is the gratuitous Heiko shot of the day... I'll be a cheeseball and caption it: boys and their toys.

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