Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cozy in the morning, and other thoughts

Hey there.
I seem to be working on an epic post about minimalizing. Oh fine, minimizing. It isn't finished yet, because it is just that huge. (Hint: too much stuff. Must get rid of it.) Until then, I thought I'd share a few more random shots of Foco life.

The mornings are chilly here! Last night the low was just 10 degrees. And, with highs in the 30s during the day, we were sleeping with the windows wide open (also to let in the sleep-inducing sounds of crickets and far away freight trains). This morning it gave us a reason to try out this lovely sweater that P knit for little Heiko. When H was born, this seems comically large. Now it is just the coziest little thing in the world! Sheepskin rugs/playmats help too.
Did you know that if you mix kitty litter into cans of paint, that they dry right out and then you can put them in the trash? This picture also gives you some idea about what the previous owners thought were good paint colours. Actually, the colours are kind of pretty, but only in the can. On the wall, there is only one colour.

The beer here is good. And we are stockpiling bottles for our own foray into beer making later this fall. Can't wait for that, and a good excuse to sample the local brews in the meantime.

And I don't love laundry, but I do love our laundry line.

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