Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Four months late, finally a FO

Over the last few months I have been looking guiltily at my knitting bag. I think I started knitting a blanket for proto-Heiko back in October, but I only just finished it today. Tip: don't knit a blanket with sock yarn. What was I thinking? Tip 2: try really hard to finish knitting projects for baby before baby arrives.  I have been watching Heiko grow, and watching my blanket.... stay the same size. That is, until we arrived in Fort Collins, where, thanks to our MI-5 addiction, I have been getting lots of knitting time. I suppose this is also the result of Heiko's schedule becoming much more predictable (8 or 9pm ish bedtimes), which is noteworthy because it has let me do other things. Anyway, here it is! The zig-zagulous:

After all that knitting, I'm reasonably pleased with the way it turned out. It may be the largest thing I have ever made, which I guess it appropriate since I made it for Heiko who is the best thing I've ever made. He seems to like it, I think he likes the colours. Like everything else these days, big fistfuls of blanket go into his mouth. 

I think I'll tackle smaller Heiko projects in the future. But next on the tricot agenda is something for me anyway, the lavender jacket, by pickles!