Monday, August 6, 2012

Home sweet new home

Well, we've arrived. I have a lot to say, but unfortunately little Heiko's new immune system was no match for our epic day of airport living and air travel. So I am doing a lot of holding and walking and shhh-ing and all the rest. More soon, but until then, here are some shots from my late-to-the-party entry into the world of instagram.




  1. Welcome to 'Merka, yo. I can give you the down-low on the best Trader Joe's products and insurance co-pays. Also, looks like I'll be in Denver in November, and know a good place to eat fancy ice cream, if you're not too far.

    1. HEH! Thank you. Unfortunately we live in a town which is sadly devoid of Trader Joe's. And, what's a co-pay? Seriously though, the insurance options we have are (from least coverage to most) the green plan, the gold plan, and finally the POS plan. It says a lot that the best option is still a piece of shit plan.
      Would love to see you in November! I still haven't been to Denver, but fancy ice cream might lure me in.

  2. Hi sis, LOVE you, great to get a wee catch up by visiting your blog. smmmoooooooch to heiko, hope he is feeling better and that you are getting some rest. you are great and brave.
    love sis

  3. Welcome to the other side of the move! It's good to see you starting to settle in. I hope Heiko is better already and you're out exploring the neighborhood.