Sunday, September 9, 2012

DIY Exersaucer

All my mom cohort friends from the Midwives collective have been raving about their exersaucers. If you don't know what that is, a quick google search will show ya. Anyway, since Heiko is working on his sit-up skills, we've taken to surrounding him with a moat of pillows, comme ca:

He seems pretty happy about it.

Today we labeled the home brew. Hope this doesn't seal its fate as disgusting.


  1. Hello from Canada Elissa, PIngram and H -
    I think Heiko is really excelling at sitting-up. He's a natural. I also love his jaunty toque...turtles are so cool.
    Please tell him that Minnow Fletcher is eager to meet him & he/she should be out in the world in about 4 weeks!
    It would be great if we could compare our own home brews (Chris has a bunch in the basement...without cool labels like yours).

    Miss you guys!
    s xo

    1. The Minnow!!!! Can't wait can't wait!
      It seems like everyone is brewing a batch of something around here. In fact, there is a home brew club here called "Foam on the Range".

      Miss you too Ms. S!