Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Five months and sleepless

Tomorrow Heiko will be five months. It is unbelievable really. He is almost sitting up on his own, he is just about ready to try some solid foods and he is developing quite a personality. Unfortunately, this personality newly involves a lot of yelling, some of which seems to go down around 5:30am. It is not amusing. Recently we've been having a really rough patch in terms of sleeping. The other night, Heiko was up E.V.E.R.Y hour from 10pm to 7am. Yep. It reminds me of the newborn days. Maybe it's teething, maybe it's gas. Or maybe my baby is just a crap sleeper. Meanwhile, other moms in my mom cohort from the midwives collective (again!) are posting on Facebook about their child's 8-hour sleep stretches. What am I doing wrong? (Perhaps it is that DIY exersaucer.)

I was pretty happy then to see that one of my holds at the library had come in: "The Baby Sleep Book: The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Rest for the Whole Family". Sounds good right? I was getting all set to lay down the law and start to get some better Zeds. But, after browsing through the book, the real message I took from it was: in the great scheme of things, this time is short. A baby is just a baby for such a short time. And even shorter is the period in which he is comforted so thoroughly by breastfeeding. The suggestion then is to try to find ways to make the night-waking less arduous, and more enjoyable, or at least more tolerable. (Yes, this from Dr. Sears, not exactly famous for making life easy for mothers. Definitely not the French way, anyway!).
Anyway, with that in mind, somehow this morning's yell session was a little bit more OK. Recognizing it for the fleeting stage that it is doesn't actually help me sleep more, but it does make me feel a little better about it.

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