Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nap time reads

On the topic of number 3 from yesterday, I began reading this masterpiece today:

Here is an interesting diagram:

The book is nice, actually. It seems to be a rather terse introduction to statistics for people who know some math (I guess I know math... even if I can't count). No colourful sidebars here. One of the key examples in the first few chapters is the birth rate of boys and girls, and the number of stillbirths to livebirths. I guess that is just science-y stuff, but I wonder whether a modern textbook would use this as the first example (this book was written in 1965).  Or maybe I'm just a little sensitive about this at the moment!
Speaking of little boy babies, the H-man is quite a charmer. I can't believe how many people comment to me about him when we he is in his forward-facing carrier. Today people were literally pointing at him from a restaurant patio, and engaging me in conversation everywhere I went. The power of babies to make people smile is pretty amazing. I'm happy to be tagging along for the ride!


  1. Hello Heiko! Of course he's a charmer...look at that FACE. Miss you - s xo

    1. Oh yesssss.... soon you are going to have your own one of these! Miss you too!!!