Thursday, September 20, 2012

Old habits...

Remember minimalizing? One of my more successful forays in this direction has been my wardrobe. It has been helped by the fact that since Heiko's birth it has been impossible and/or undesirable for me to go shopping. Kind of an incidental shopping diet. So I'm just wearing what I have, which admittedly is a lot of clothes. Still, I love my closet right now. There is a little bit of space around each hanger. It's amazing.

Anyway, the other day after tiring Heiko out with playgroups and the swing set, I decided to head over to the thrift store on my way home. *Just* to get some new socks for Heiko and some sweaters to felt for some baby-crafts. But then, dream baby that he is, Heiko fell asleep in the stroller, leaving me recklessly free to browse the women's section and try on clothes.

I came out of there with two blouses and a skirt (might be a bit on the menno side of things, but I feel it fits with my current homestead-y frontier lifestyle: you know, I'm channelling Laura Ingalls). The problem is, I made a deal with myself about the number of hangers in my closet. That is, I can only have the number of items that will fit on the hangers presently in my closet, and any additional thing must be on a one-in one-out basis. Ugh.

Thrift stores are my weakness. And I am so weak. I love all the things! The colours, the textures, the histories and, dun dun dun.... the potential! But this is the problem with thrift store shopping for me. The prices are low enough that I end up committing to things that aren't really going to be long term players in the wardrobe (sometimes they are though: I'm currently wearing a thrifted sweater and pair of jeans that have a seriously low cost-per-wear). In any case, looks like I've already broken the one-in one-out promise to myself. Sigh.

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