Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On my run

I am gradually overcoming both the altitude adjustment here and the loss of running fitness over pregnancy.  Well, it is going very, very slowly, but it IS going. I'm increasing both the length of my runs and the percentage of the "run" spent running (although isn't it irritating that transitioning from running six four-minute intervals in thirty minutes to five five-minute intervals only increases the total run time by one minute?).
Anyway, last night when P arrived home I passed Heiko over to him like a baton and off I went. On my run....

- I overtook THREE horses. Yes. There was one man, riding three horses. I went faster than them. It was somehow a bit weird, because I was only going a tiny bit faster, so I ended up running with the horses for quite a while.

- I heard a kid in the park yell "Rasta Pasta!".

- I saw a beautiful sunset over mountains and the yellow leaves reflecting in the lake in city park. (This is the lake, but not the sunset) Nice nice nice.

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