Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our family, now with more wheels!

I'm so excited today because we are now much more mobile! After being inspired by several other Foco families biking with the little ones, we picked up our very own bike trailer at REI this morning (via Zipcar by the way -- so cheap and so convenient!).  We slapped the car seat in there (OK, "slapped" is definitely the wrong word: we obsessively checked and re-checked the straps securing the seat), hooked it up to my trusty Raleigh, and then we were off!

Heiko displayed his enthusiasm with open mouth silence at first, and then he... dun dun dun.... fell asleep. That it is a comfortable enough ride for him to snooze is excellent. HOORAY!
We biked on the Poudre trail (pronounced poo-der, Canadians), which transported us surprisingly quickly from our neighbourhood into farmland, full of horsies and lakes and mountain views. Biking the same trail last fall we encountered a little deer. What a gorgeous day for a ride. The first of many, I'm sure.

On the way home we stopped into our local grocery store (Beavers Market!) to pick up some things for dinner. Into the cargo compartment they went. As I said, I'm excited!


  1. Are you sure there's a baby in that contraption? Asleep? Wow! mumza

  2. Many of my neighbours have bike trailers and I often see babies sound asleep in them. Nice to know that cars don't have a monopoly on baby sleep inducement.

    1. YAY! I know. It is funny actually, Heiko readily falls asleep in the stroller, but he isn't a big fan of car trips. He rarely falls asleep in the car, and sometimes he screams a lot. A very rational baby, I'd say.