Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rain rain, stay awhile

Last night it rained for the first time since we arrived here (that's rain Toronto-style, above). Well, I should say that it really rained for the first time since we arrived here. Sitting awake with Heiko last night, I was trying to figure out why the sound of the rain is so particularly wonderful here. I concluded that it must be a feature of bungalow life. The rain hits the overhang, giving that lovely rain-on-roof sound, but there is also the sound of the water from the drippy eaves hitting the soft, pine needle-y earth outside, which reminds me so much of Temagami.

The rain continued throughout the day, and the high today was only 15 degrees Celsius.  I'm not sure we even hit it though. I had to rummage in the garage for my fall jacket and umbrella (not yet unpacked!), and I bundled Heiko into his coziest carrier before heading out. No need to worry about the little man's sun hat today, and for once I didn't bother slathering myself with sunscreen. The cool rain was a relief from the sometimes overbearing dry heat here.

Days like these remind me of Vancouver, and I get a little homesick for it. Not that I ever felt particularly at home there, but I do like me a rainy day. It reminds me of all the long walks through those dark verdant Vancouver neighbourhoods. Coming in from the wet to a warm apartment, maybe there would be something delicious and fragrant in the oven. Or perhaps it is simply the comfort of not needing to make anything of the day: not another beautiful day to waste. 
Today also makes me think of Amsterdam, another rainy place. I was recently reminded of the Dutch word gezellig (c/o podcasts of the cbc program Babel, which I thoroughly enjoyed), which apparently doesn't have a proper english translation but roughly speaking means snug and cozy, warm and friendly.
I hope that we can go back to the Netherlands someday soon. In the meantime, I'll be gezellig on the couch, with my tea and my baby and the lovely sound of the rain. 

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