Sunday, September 23, 2012

Really a pretty Big Deal

I debated whether or not to write this, since I'm a little embarrassed about the whole situation, but I'm doing it anyway.

Last Thursday was a pretty big day for me. It was the first time since Heiko's birth that I managed to get out of the house and to a yoga class, just the one of me. That is, without Heiko. It felt so strange to be packing up a bag to take with me, and NOT putting diapers into it.

As some of you know, we've had some difficulties over here with the idea of Heiko taking a bottle. That is, he will not drink from a bottle. It is boob or nothing. And he still eats unpredictably, perhaps taking after his mother in his love for little snacks. As a result, it has been extremely difficult to get out and about on my own. Sure, I'll take off for a run or to bike up to the grocery store, but usually this only puts me out of the house for a maximum of 40 minutes. So the two hours that it took to bike to yoga, do yoga and then come home was almost certainly the longest chunk of time that I have been away from Heiko.

I'm embarrassed about this because I know other mums who are much more independent. Hell, many many mums are back at work far earlier, especially in this here country. Or they are just far better at maintaining some semblance of their pre-pregnancy life post-baby. But anyway, I think if I were to write a set of commandments for motherhood (not that I'm really into writing commandments, but you know what I mean), the first one would be Thou shalt not compare thyself to other mothers. The second is closely related:  Thou shalt not judge other mothers. Sadly I fail at both of these from time to time. I try to remind myself that every baby is different, and while I wouldn't describe Heiko as a difficult baby, he is certainly not an easy one.

Point is, I got out. I did yoga. Woo. Yay me, and super-yay for my supportive husband. I'm hoping this can happen regularly in the future, and become normal enough that it isn't worthy of a blog post! Especially because, in the ultimate display of my change of heart on the yoga front, I'm hoping to do a teacher training in the new year. I said it! When in Colorado....


  1. Yay you!! and Yup, you did it! There are no rules. And also you'd be an excellent yoga teacher. Unbiased mumza

    1. Aw... thanks ma. You may be my biggest fan :)