Monday, October 29, 2012

A dream come true

When we were first looking for a house in Fort Collins, long before H's arrival on the scene, we had a very extensive list of characteristics we'd like to have in our future home. These included things like a wood stove, a sunny garden (for P's veggies) but also a shady garden (for my fair skin), a yoga room/space (what?), wood floors, gas stove, and skylights. We ended up in a little house that has one or two of these features, but not others, and in a lot of ways what we ended up with is just right. But, one of the things on my personal wish-list was "view of the mountains," and though it was never recorded on any list, what I really wanted was "view of the mountains from the kitchen window". Anyway, this is one of the things that isn't a feature of our present house. Or so I thought! In happy fall news, when the leaves are off the trees we have a tiny clearing through which we can see a sliver of the foothills. Lucky me! Hooray for fall, after all.

I took a picture of the "view of the mountains from the kitchen window",  but to be honest it isn't that nice looking. So here is a photo of our pumpkins, which I can also view from the kitchen window, and I think are rather jaunty and autumnal, anyway.

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