Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Backwardly mobile: Heiko at 6 months

Little H's health is now sufficiently improved that I feel happy about writing a six month update. He is quite the wee half-year old man.

We recently started solid food with him. We are trying the baby led weaning approach, which essentially means that we just give Heiko pieces of food (ideally what we are eating ourselves) and he just does what he can do with them. No purees. So far we've tried steamed carrot, apple, steamed broccoli (might be his favourite so far), banana, pasta, roasted sweet potato, bbq chicken, avocado and rice cake.

In practice, this isn't exactly what we are eating, and everything we give him right now needs to be stick shaped so that he can grab it with his fist and still have a bit of food sticking out to num on. But the preparation of stick-shaped meals isn't so bad really, and he seems to be having lots of fun with it, even if he isn't really eating much just yet. He loved the chicken, which was funny to see.

I'm not really sure about the baby led weaning approach, at this point. The reasons that it appealed to me were the idea that "he just eats what we eat" (which, as I said, isn't really possible at this point... little hands can't really handle rice and beans just yet, but hopefully in a few months), and also the promise that BLW babies "will eat anything" (including his tray when he's had enough of the actual food apparently). On the other hand, people have been doing purees for ever, and the BLW thing seems a bit fad-ish. We'll see. I'll report back in a few months.

At some point I told myself that I wouldn't be the kind of parent to take lots of photos of their kid covered in food. So much for that.

As far as his mobility is concerned, I feel like he has been "almost crawling" for weeks now. He has been doing the plank like crazy. What he IS getting very good at is scooting along backwards. He can actually go quite far and quite fast. Today I had my first baby-proofing fail: I was making a coffee in the kitchen and left him on his quilt in the living room (just around the corner). When I emerged he had inched right off his mat, and had unplugged my computer cable from my computer and was numming it. Bad mummy. On the bright side,  I won't be making that mistake again. In the photo below, he got there himself. Other favourite destinations include under the couch or under the table.

In addition to his backward worming skills, he is also just a lot more wriggly and squirmy these days. He just wants to go go go, which is cute, although his go-ing skills are still limited.

His smile is still just that wonderful little gummy one -- no teeth yet. He has started to laugh occasionally, I think he is a late-bloomer on this front. But when he does, it is essentially the cutest thing I have ever heard. It usually involves belly tickles, or dad making funny sounds.

We love this little guy!

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