Saturday, October 20, 2012

I can see!

Do you remember that episode of Little House on the Prairie, when Mary goes blind? I do. I think I watched it at my cousin's house, and it had that feeling of being the type of thing that I wouldn't be able to watch at home (although I'm not sure that this was true). Anyway, the episode formed everything I knew about blindness, and it wasn't good. Reading the plot synopsis now, it all makes a lot more sense: Mary's eyesight was worsening, and then Scarlet Fever took it away for good (all was eventually OK, she learned how to read braille, and that is how I learned about what braille is).

Anyway, my memory of the episode is a little different. What I remember is this: Mary gets to the top of the ladder leading to the bunk where she and her siblings sleep, and she suddenly says: "Pa! I can't see!". I think the episode was part 2 of 2, and I didn't see part 1, which probably explained the whole Scarlet Fever thing. So, as a young woman I would sometimes think of this event in Mary's life and wonder if I too would be struck down in a similar dramatic fashion with blindness. Happily, I was not.

However, my eyesight has worsened over the years. About five years ago I got my first prescription for glasses, and I was surprised by how awesome my glasses were. Suddenly I could concentrate on reading or schoolwork, and this being during the early coursework days of my PhD, my newfound concentration was most welcome. Interestingly (is it, Ross?) the condition that I have (far-sightedness) is sometimes mis-diagnosed as attention deficient disorder in children, because it has the effect of making concentration difficult. Essentially the eyes can focus, but the muscles need to work a lot harder to do so, making sustained attention challenging.

Since Heiko was born I have been feeling, well, tired. Ha! Funny! But the thing is that my eyes have been feeling tired too. So I felt somewhat vindicated when I went to the eye doctor last week and discovered that my prescription is now quite a bit stronger than it was before. I swapped out the lenses in my glasses on Friday (how do they do that?) and I feel like a new woman. Pa! I can see!

This is a boring post, sorry. I'm just excited about being able to see again. I can't even post a picture of my new glasses, because they are just my old glasses, but now with more +.
In Heiko news: still sick. Still with the night barfs. I thought we were done with it, but there they were again.

In job news: I spent the early part of the week feverishly updating everything, and happily submitted my second job application on Wednesday. I received an e-mail on the very same day saying that I didn't get it. The prompt reply was nice, but it kind of eliminated that sense of satisfaction of having done something. You see, I applied a week late. Not that I would have necessarily had a chance at the position if I had applied on time, but of all the reasons not to get a job, applying late is super lame. Like, super duper lame. It bugs me a lot, actually, mainly because I feel like I really dropped the ball on it, and I don't think of myself as the ball-dropping type. At least not as far as deadlines are concerned. Can I please blame my shitty eyesight?

Well, scratch Berlin from the list of possible exciting places for next year. Still on the list (almost as good too)? "One of America's best kept secrets": Fargo, North Dakota.

OK, I better cut this off. I hope to have lots of colourful and cheerful posts next week (including more details on the backyard awesomeness pictured above. FIRES! MALLOWS!). Hopefully less will be said about how tired I am, and how much barf there is everywhere. A happy and vividly rendered weekend to all.


  1. Don't you think having a light-sleeping and snackish 6 month old is also a good reason for not being quite as on the ball is usual? At least you're not, say, about 6 MONTHS behind on finishing your phd.

    1. Yes, I do think so. So I should give myself a break maybe. I also think that most people who do phds end up behind, and most by more than a year. AND most of those people didn't have babies so.... give yourself a break too lady!

    2. Ok, ok. Break taken.