Saturday, October 6, 2012

It is 2 degrees

Just a few days ago I was cruising around on a bike in a t-shirt, sweating, actually. I think it was 28 degrees (Celcius, people. Is it true that Canadians talk about the weather more than other people? I have had a few dumb conversations here where I mention the temperature and then realize that no one has any idea what I'm talking about). And now? It is 2 degrees. Earlier, this happened:

No matter. Look what I finished! My lavender jacket!

I'm medium happy with it. I slimified the sleeves, and I don't think it misses anything: they are still plenty voluminous. I even had enough yarn left over to make a pocket. I love having a place to put my hands away, even if I can only stow the right hand. After sewing it together I actually have less than a metre of yarn remaining, which is great.

I wish that the whole thing was just a little more structural, as the jacket in the pattern seems to be. I am a super loose knitter, and there was no guage provided, so that probably explains that. Still, I hope to get a fair bit of play out of it as the mercury drops.

I think I'm going to knit a few Heiko-sized projects in the near future. Patrick and I have made some kind of agreement to try to knit through the stash this winter, so little things are in the forecast. Lucky for me I'm got a willing model.

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