Friday, October 26, 2012

On not voting

As we ramp up to the American elections, it is weird to be living in a country where I can't vote. I feel at once highly invested in the outcome of the election, but also completely alienated from the process. I have never thought about it before, but I'm sure this is the way that countless newcomers to Canada feel around election time. On a similar note, I was chatting with our French Canadian neighbour about the mind-numbing bureaucracy involved with trying to get a car legally across the border. She pointed out that whatever inconveniences we experience as Canadians in the US are nothing compared to say, some of her husbands colleagues at the university, who happen to be from Iraq.

But back to the election. It seems conceivable that I could exert more influence through talking to community members here than simply casting a single vote, but I still feel robbed of my democratic rights! Especially since we live in a swing riding in a swing state (except they aren't called ridings here I don't think).

We have been watching the debates, which has been entertaining. Not as entertaining as the songified versions of course (the second one is the best -- I laugh every time Candy goes "oooo!"), but good television nonetheless. I wonder whether the songified versions actually get some of the essential messages out to people who ordinarily wouldn't pay much attention to politics. Or, perhaps they simply provide more big bird/ binders of women/ bayonets style funnies that kind of eclipse the real messages.

In any case, if Romney wins, we're leaving. For realsies. I was too lazy to exit the warmth of the house this morning to take a picture of our Obama sign in the snow, so what we have here is the rather subtle view from the window.


  1. Yeah man, we're leaving too if the big R wins. I can vote, but it doesn't mean much since I live in the bluest of the blue city and state. I will give you a little bit of my ballot for Obama. And maybe I'll do a write-in for Mani-kin to be dog catcher or something.

  2. The issue of being a non-enfranchised resident of the US really started to feel weird when I lost the right to vote in Canada. "Citizen of the world" = voter of nowhere.

    1. Oh wow, what? That happens? How terrible. Habby it looks like you are going to be sharing your vote with Halison too.