Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday morning

Last night was looking promising for sleep. Heiko's congestion seemed to have gone down, and we had set up a new humidifier which hopefully would help with his coughing. We all got tucked in, ready for a solid night of sleep to the reassuring burble of the humidifier.

But, well, first of all, Patrick and I had eaten too much chocolate. That is just the truth, although I don't like to admit it. The Theo 85% is not a bedtime chocolate, people, especially if you have the nursing-mama-after-dinner-hungries. So we got off to a rough start. A very rough start indeed.

Then H woke up and refused to fall asleep anywhere except in the arms of a walking adult. He finally fell asleep for an hour or two in his swing chair, before coming back to bed with me to nurse and thrash around. No barfing, though, so that has to be worth something. Finally everyone back to sleep again.

Anyway, then, THEN! in the dark hours of the morning Heiko was at last sleeping soundly when the carbon monoxide detector went off. Spooky. P reset it, and off it went again, and again and again. So it was time to open the windows and doors and get out of the house.  Looks like our 50+ year old furnace has got to go. Happily we had an emergency heating guy come by and check everything out, and we are back in the warmth for now, though we still don't know the source (my bets are on the humidifier, though this is based on nothing).

Yep. So, what did I say yesterday about not whining about how little sleep I'm getting anymore? Tomorrow my friends. Tomorrow a new leaf will turn.


  1. Yikes! I once had the carbon monoxide detector go off for no good reason, but if you call the city info line for that they put you through to 911. 3 fire engines showed up, and they agreed the numbers were a bit high, and their advice was just "open the windows". Hm.

    1. Oh wow. Yeah, if you believe the CO alarm material, you should call 911 right away. I guess the thing is that when it is bad, it can be really bad.

  2. Could it be the batteries? I think they are designed to be a royal pain in the ass when the batteries start to go.