Monday, October 8, 2012

Thanksgiving monday

We aren't celebrating thanksgiving this year, because we will be in the wrong country for both Canadian and American thanksgiving. Too bad, since I do like me my turkey. But it adzuki bean stew for us, tonight.

Speaking of which, nothing makes me homesick quite like reading blogTO. It is mainly just the restaurant reviews that get me. I miss food! There are actually some decent food options here in Fort Collins, but, let's face it, Toronto is amazing for food.

Still, my wonderful sister Sara is visiting this week, which means we'll be in search of Colorado's finest buffalo meat, as well as being treated to a sampling some of her vegan use-what-you-got specialties, such as sprouted lentil burgers.
To those in the North who are lucky enough to be eating turkey and pumpkin pie today, enjoy some for me please. Don't forget the cranberry sauce!

Now here we go: Looking back, I'm really really into Loveliness 289. But this year I'm going to keep it a little more streamlined. This year, I'm most thankful for family. I feel like Heiko has added a new dimension and richness to this notion of family, and has made me appreciate each and every member of my far-away family. Miss you all!

PS. If you are wearing fleece, then you might as well do matching.

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