Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thinking back, three snapshots of motherhood

Yesterday I had several reasons to think back to the early days of motherhood.

First I recently made a nice discovery, which is that an acquaintance from graduate school is a new prof in the computer science department here at CSU. Even better, she is seven months pregnant! We caught up yesterday over coffee, and she asked me all of her pressing pregnancy questions. You know, about stretch marks, what happens to all that skin afterwards (it goes away, somehow), and does it hurt? Or maybe the question was more like: be honest, how MUCH does it hurt? It was great to reconnect, and to remember that anticipatory round belly time.

I am also thinking of the lovely Ms. S., who is awaiting her own little one any day now. It is going to be amazing! I remember those waiting days, when I knew that my life was on the verge of changing so monumentally without understanding how or when it was going to happen, what it would feel like, or what it would be like afterward. In retrospect it was such a beautiful, transitional and introspective time. Can't wait to meet the minnow, S! Happy birth thoughts to you!

And finally, yesterday at mom and baby yoga I saw a sad scene. A mum who was there with her eight-ish week old baby telling the instructor that next week she'd be going back to work. She was crying. It actually made me tearful too, in part because I remember those days of raging RAGING postpartum hormones when everything would bring me to tears. But more intellectually it troubles me that maternity leaves are so short here. I do want to say that some mothers are no doubt fully ready at eight weeks to go back to work, and that there are lots of different ways of being an excellent mother, including pursuing the work that sustains you. But it tears at my heart a little, to put myself in her shoes.

So there we are. A few little thoughts on motherhood. Plus looking back on pictures of my big belly truly surprise me. At the time I didn't think it was that big. But it really really was!

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