Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend part deux

As I said yesterday, it was a lovely weekend. On Sunday morning, we said an early-morning goodbye to granddad, but not before another quick three generations photo shoot. Heiko had other things on his mind.
 Weee! Good morning world!
 Next it was time for a bike ride and snack-picnic!

We biked over to the foothills. It is a gradual uphill over about 9km of bike trails, so my legs were burning with the trailer behind. Heiko, on the other hand, had a comprehensive snooze.  We saw three young deer along the way, and a few little snakes.
 Everyone gets to num on a carrot.
 So relaxing.
On the way home we picked up some Indian take-out (what, it was only a snack picnic), and then had another picnic in the backyard when we got home. Three picnics in one weekend, pretty much my dream come true.

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