Friday, November 30, 2012


I can't believe I didn't realize when I wrote the WIAW post that WHAT (What Heiko Ate Thursday) is so much better anyway. It is a recursive acronym, even.
 Pretty happy about it. By the way, broccoli dipped in butternut squash soup is quite tasty.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The verdancy of green

When we were in Victoria we went for a little hike in the wet November rainforest. It was so mossy and verdant -- quite a welcome change from the dusty brown palette of Colorado.
Actually we did lots of walks in the rain over the week, which is a lot of fun if you are prepared for it. This guy gets prepared by sticking out his tongue.
Speaking of cheesy pictures, here is one for you:
And in happy news, Pingram lifted my mood yesterday about photos I haven't taken by showing me some very beautiful pictures that he has taken. Maybe he'll let me share some of those here. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Photo remorse

I like taking photos, I do. I feel like I lack any real knowledge or skill that would make my photos turn out well more consistently. Instead, my strategy is just to take a lot of photos, and then hope that I didn't totally mess up all of them. I'm not really into post-processing, so I just try to do what I can with existing light conditions and stuff. And most of the time (hate to admit this), but I just shoot on that 'P' setting which does everything for you. So essentially I'm a hack, and that is mostly fine with me.

The thing that isn't fine with me is that I'm not necessarily all that good about getting the camera out to take photos. Especially when there are people around. And, I pretty much think that most photos need to be of people, otherwise they just aren't that interesting. I guess I take lots of non-people photos too, but there are just so many photos of so many things, people pictures usually stand out to me. They capture so much history.

Sometimes I suffer from photo remorse. Pretty much any time I come back from a trip somewhere, I wish that I had taken more photos, especially of people. This can get pretty bad. I remember feeling sick to my stomach coming back from Rocky Mountain National Park that I didn't take a particular picture of Heiko with the Rocky Mountain background. There will be other opportunities, kind of. Except not really, right? H changes so much all the time, and this fact has made this photo remorse affliction worse for me.

The thing is that I don't want to be one of those people who makes the waiter take cheesy group pictures before eating at a restaurant, but on the other hand looking back at those sorts of photos can be so interesting ("look at your hair!"). Maybe it is better to take cheesy posed pictures than considered art shots of boring stuff like moss. So I saw some moss in 2012, who gives a fuck? I also had a five month old baby, and I took him to Rocky Mountain National Park. And I didn't take the photo that I wanted. The visual record of David, Patrick, Heiko and I eating sandwiches before a jaw-dropping mountain vista is only up here (I'm pointing to my head).

Of course the reason I mention this is that I didn't take enough any photos of my extended family on this most recent trip. The vision of my beautiful niece and animated nephews is just part of that precarious mental record. The smiles and expressions of everyone reacting to Heiko in his smiley baby-ness, it is just a memory now. Sigh.

Maybe this is good. There are so so so many photos, especially these days with cameras in phones, and social media and so on. The world is saturated with images. I just feel that with Heiko changing so much every day, I am scrambling to hold on to the memory of one day to the next. I want to remember things, and yet I can't capture it all. And, I also want to live it, and not to stress out about each experience because I didn't "get it" in a more permanent way. Ah, it is bittersweet, isn't it? Well there is a lump in my throat and ohbijou isn't helping (can you say homesick?), I better cut this off here since it has clearly verged into emotional rant territory. Here is a picture of some moss.

Monday, November 26, 2012

In brief

We have just returned from Victoria, BC where Heiko met his cousins, his aunt, uncles, and his Opi, and where he was reunited with his Oma, his granddad and his horseradish-making aunt Sara (and the horseradish is now in Colorado, fyi Sara!). It was a whirlwind of baby cuddles, puppy dogs, rain, excellent food, crawling practice, pulling up on stuff, long stroller walks, more rain, late thanksgiving/early christmas and two epic travel days. But little H was a champ, smiling upon just about all of it. Despite the fact that we had three flights in each direction, he was happy as can be, and made friends with e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e along the way. If only his parents were so easy going, humph. Yeah, the whole thing pretty much looked like this:
I haven't sorted through my real photos yet, much less settled back into our "home" here, but I'll try to post some fun stuff in the days to come.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's official.

He's on the move.
Yes, in the last two weeks, H has made massive improvements in his ability to get where he wants to go. Sometimes at quite the speed!

Here is a rather crummy animated GIF. It strikes me that most folks would use a *video* camera to capture this type of thing, but I think there is something kind of awesome about animated GIFs,  you know?
CWfiuk on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
While he still hasn't quite mastered the "crossover crawl," he manages to worm around on the ground with some serious efficiency. Why is it that electrical outlets, shoelaces, computer cables and other dangerous string-like objects hold such fascination?

Thursday, November 8, 2012


What I ate Wednesday! Except it is Thursday, and it is what Heiko ate. Ha!
Mmm. Pardon the crappy photo. Things look OK on the back of my camera, and then I get them on the computer and see that they are not OK. Still, you get the idea.
We've been having some fun times on the food front over here. I am cautiously optimistic that Heiko is opening up to the idea, or at least the ritual, of eating food. We had a few times when he'd get a piece of food on his tongue and then stay with his mouth open, yelling, for a long long time, say 20 - 30 minutes. Like so:

It was funny, but also really annoying.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

C'est l'halloween hey!

Contrary to my previous statements, Heiko was neither a ghost nor an old man for Halloween. In fact, he was going to be nothing (or, a baby if you like) but we got a kind of last minute invite to an early-evening Halloween party, so I thought we should cobble something together. Unfortunately by the time it was all stitched and glue-gunned and on the little boy, the light was fading and we needed to run off to the party, lest we miss it altogether. So, I didn't get a very good picture of this guy dressed up in his owl suit. Oh well, the effect is almost spooky. Still, I might put him in it again back in the suit in the next few days just to take some better pictures. 
He was pretty cute, even if the suit was really weird. He was really clingy at the party, so I'm not sure anyone really appreciated the true glory (i.e. felty wingspan and fluffy glue-gunnery) of the costume. 
Grammie championed through her first-time use of a glue gun with only a few minor burns! 
Meanwhile, Granddad carved up these amazing pumpkins: the owl and the pussycat. 
Speaking of spooky stuff, we are all on edge on this election day. One advantage to having a baby who loves to nurse all night is that I won't have to wait until the morning to find out the results. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

I broke it

I broke our pizza stone. Tip: don't pour cold water on a hot pizza stone while it is in a 500 degree oven. It will crack clear in half!
I'm feeling quite sentimental about this. When I think about all the pizzas that P has baked on that stone over the years: oh, sigh. Our dietary preferences and favourite go-to meals have meandered and changed over the years, but pizza has been pretty much a constant. Lucky for me I'm married to a man who thinks of homemade pizza as an easy weeknight meal. The vegetarian pizzas, the mushroom pizzas, the pizzas with fresh basil piled on top, and most recently the tuna pizzas with thin sweet slices of red onion. NOM. The pizza stone actually has its own special smell, so the house fills up with pre-deliciousness just while the stone preheats. It has had almost a decade to build in all that flavour, only to be busted in an  ill-conceived hearth baking attempt on my part. Boo.
We are going to try to bake a election-eve pee eye zed zed eh tonight on the broken stone. Maybe this is the new normal? I'll let you know how it goes.

In other news, Gammie (I always do that) Grammie and Granddad are here, which means busy! Hence my silence. Many updates to come....