Tuesday, November 6, 2012

C'est l'halloween hey!

Contrary to my previous statements, Heiko was neither a ghost nor an old man for Halloween. In fact, he was going to be nothing (or, a baby if you like) but we got a kind of last minute invite to an early-evening Halloween party, so I thought we should cobble something together. Unfortunately by the time it was all stitched and glue-gunned and on the little boy, the light was fading and we needed to run off to the party, lest we miss it altogether. So, I didn't get a very good picture of this guy dressed up in his owl suit. Oh well, the effect is almost spooky. Still, I might put him in it again back in the suit in the next few days just to take some better pictures. 
He was pretty cute, even if the suit was really weird. He was really clingy at the party, so I'm not sure anyone really appreciated the true glory (i.e. felty wingspan and fluffy glue-gunnery) of the costume. 
Grammie championed through her first-time use of a glue gun with only a few minor burns! 
Meanwhile, Granddad carved up these amazing pumpkins: the owl and the pussycat. 
Speaking of spooky stuff, we are all on edge on this election day. One advantage to having a baby who loves to nurse all night is that I won't have to wait until the morning to find out the results. 

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  1. So wonderful (costumes and pumpkins)! Please for my sake do a post-Hallowe'en photo shoot.