Monday, November 5, 2012

I broke it

I broke our pizza stone. Tip: don't pour cold water on a hot pizza stone while it is in a 500 degree oven. It will crack clear in half!
I'm feeling quite sentimental about this. When I think about all the pizzas that P has baked on that stone over the years: oh, sigh. Our dietary preferences and favourite go-to meals have meandered and changed over the years, but pizza has been pretty much a constant. Lucky for me I'm married to a man who thinks of homemade pizza as an easy weeknight meal. The vegetarian pizzas, the mushroom pizzas, the pizzas with fresh basil piled on top, and most recently the tuna pizzas with thin sweet slices of red onion. NOM. The pizza stone actually has its own special smell, so the house fills up with pre-deliciousness just while the stone preheats. It has had almost a decade to build in all that flavour, only to be busted in an  ill-conceived hearth baking attempt on my part. Boo.
We are going to try to bake a election-eve pee eye zed zed eh tonight on the broken stone. Maybe this is the new normal? I'll let you know how it goes.

In other news, Gammie (I always do that) Grammie and Granddad are here, which means busy! Hence my silence. Many updates to come....


  1. This is the sort of thing that is potentially very sad, until you realize that it will probably still function in 100% the same way. In fact, in terms of versatility, I contend that the pizza stone has been strictly improved.

  2. Broken stone pizza = full success. Also, sourdough pizza = full delicious success. Pingram is at the pizza frontier.