Monday, December 3, 2012

A collection of sentences about sleep

I think at some point I said I'd stop talking about sleep here, or rather not-sleeping. Well, I'm breaking that promise a little bit here, but I think it is OK.

Sometimes I wonder whether the decaf coffee I'm drinking really is decaf. Or whether I should kick that crazy dark chocolate at night habit (addiction, really). Because the only thing worse than being woken up by your baby every 90 minutes is when you are lying awake at 2am watching your beautiful baby sleep, listening to the soft breathing of your husband, and being unable to succumb to that release yourself.

I read something nice about sleep in early motherhood however.  Here it is:
"So you lose a good bit of your precious sleep. But the most devastating loss is not the loss of sleep, it is the loss of what you thought was yours."
This is from a book by Karen Maezen Miller. I am trying to avoid mentioning the name of the book because I think it is cheesy, but it is actually a truly beautiful book. Sometimes I feel like motherhood feels to me like an ill-fitting mohair sweater. Turns out that I'm not the only one, AND that maybe some of those uncomfortable feelings just require an attitude shift to become more tolerable.

The bright side of not sleeping much these days is that I no longer really worry about getting enough sleep on any particular day, for example if we need to get up really early to get the airport. Bring it on. I never would have thought it possible to do so much with so little sleep. That is kind of cool, right?

Still, I die a little every time I hear about tender young babies sleeping through the night (though I'm really really happy for you S!). Me, I have a night crawler on my hands.


  1. This happens to me too. I hate hate hate it. Though for me right now it's the thesis, not my baby, that is cutting into my sleep (thanks partly to some heroics on Liam's part, and earplugs). So far, the only thing that really helps me, is to go to bed at the same, very early time every night.

    1. Ah the thesis. I lost quite a bit of sleep over mine. And yes to earplugs. Oh yes. Essential to turn off those mama spidey senses from time to time.

  2. Replies
    1. Um, well thank you, although of course you owe me no apology. Now I feel bad for not mentioning the name of the book, which really is lovely, as I said. Update to follow...