Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Becoming That Mom

Have I mentioned mom and baby yoga around here? I have been going fairly consistently since Heiko was born. First, in Toronto I had a lovely, caring, how-are-you-feeling-today kind of class (/support group). Then, after arriving in Fort Collins, I was thrown into the wacky world of Ena's "Mom'n'me" class.

At first I hated it. It couldn't be more different than my Toronto experience. Ena is.... loud. She is giggly. She loves doing very weird pranayama (breathing) exercises. She self-describes her teaching style as "crazy intuitive". But more than anything, I didn't like the fact that the class involved a very mixed age group of so-called babies, from six week old melty little lumps to full-on running around toddlers.

In particular, there was one little girl who seemed to have it out for my precious, sensitive and inert four month old Heiko. I'll call her "Cassie" (which as an aside, I have declared the quintessential Colorado name, along with "Dusty" for a dude). One day she even hit him in the head with a full sized doll. It was annoying. I couldn't relax into anything (let alone do a downward dog), since my eyes had to be constantly measuring the distance between Cassie and Heiko. It irritated me (how un-yogic!) that Cassie's mother didn't seem to be bothered by Cassie's free range tendencies. She had no trouble closing her eyes and sinking deeply into all of her poses. Finally, after the doll hitting episode, Ena gently suggested to Cassie's mother that it was time for Cassie to "graduate", and I breathed a sigh of relief. That is when I really started to appreciate the magic of Ena in all her nuttiness and I looked forward to the weekly class. Through all the challenges of getting out the door with an ever changing nap and eating schedule, Ena's class was pretty much the only thing Heiko and I always seemed to consistently get to each week.

Fast forward five months. Today I took Heiko back to mom'n'me yoga, after more than two month's hiatus. It was great to see Ena again, but.... so much has changed. Heiko has changed.
While he isn't walking yet, Heiko is hyper mobile, even compared to some of the older babies in the class. And what is more, he isn't shy AT ALL. This is a new side of Heiko for me to witness, since we haven't done very much socializing with other kids in several months. He visited with all of the other babies, crawling to each of them to touch their hair, hands, faces and toys. And much to my horror, he seemed magnetically drawn to the tiny, sighing and sweetly sleeping six week old in her car seat. What is worse, some of the other babies seemed to watch this with interest, and then also become interested in the littlest attendee. Her mother assured me that it was "OK", but oh no, I knew that it was not OK. Not at all.

While Heiko may have suddenly morphed into Mr. Cassie, I'd like to think that I haven't become Cassie's mother. I did spend a fair amount of time chasing Heiko around, striking a yoga pose when and where the opportunity presented it (my mat was quickly abandoned). And my eyes were mostly aware of where the little man was roaming. Mostly.
What astounds me is just how social Heiko has become. Where he gets this, I have no idea. I actually saw the same thing at the library story hour yesterday during the free play period. He was e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e., following kids through the big plastic crawling tubes and chewing on all of everyone's everything (countdown to illness in three, two, one....). It is amazing. And it is kind of terrifying. Is this my nightmare of the super-extroverted hockey-playing child coming true? (Just thought I'd throw that hockey thing in there... can't think of a smellier, colder and less fun sport, though of course I'd support our man in this interest, should it present itself.). Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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