Monday, February 25, 2013

Digging out and catching up

It has been a lovely week. Sara was here! We talked and walked and hiked and talked and sat and talked some more. Oh, and we made and ate delicious meals. We did yoga! We made big plans to go snowshoeing up the Poudre Canyon (equipment rented and a fridge stocked with hearty sandwich fixins'), but our plans were foiled by.... snow. That's right. It snowed. A lot. It was not a day for piloting the Prius up 5 000 ft (to 10 000 ft!) along a slippery mountain road. This probably came as no surprise to anyone who checked the weather, but somehow despite all our planfulness, this collection of humans forgot to do that sensible little act.

Anyway, today the sunshine is out with all its Colorado lumens, so we're ready for the Big Melt. I'm still sorting through my photos so there is more to come, but in the mean time here is a little man in a little sled (which he was actually pretty ambivalent about but was fun for me).


  1. Hooray, Heiko on the sled! Just catching up on your recent news. Congrats on the postdoc, and good for you for stepping out and attempting to make it all happen. Wish we could share a pot of soup and a long talk! Did you work out the fruit vs. peanut allergy question?

    1. Yes! We thought of you when we busted out the sled. You who are in the middle of summer! There is no new news on the allergy front. We haven't re-tried peanut butter for obvious reasons, and I think we'll get him to an allergist after his one year birthday.