Sunday, February 10, 2013

Putting down roots (and love in the parentheses ♥)

Sometimes it seems that P and H and I are destined to be itinerant forever... always moving around for jobs and opportunities and travelling for family and work. I wonder when we'll be able to put down some roots, and plant some fruit trees.
The other day we realized that we don't have any indoor plants in this sunny window-ed place. So, that original loveliness is back (looking back, how appropriate that 365 lovelinesses began and ended with my sweetheart ♥). Date, squash (for the garden, later) and lemon seeds. I need to remember to find a pomegranate so I can grow another pure loveliness. Conveniently our warm seed sprouting mat has already been out, incubating my other living project and science experiment, Kombucha. So, here we grow: sprouts and SCOBYs. (Another pingram parenthetical remark, this time on a SCOBY note: 100% rye sourdough is on the menu this evening (with mushroom soup!), which means more of these are required here ♥♥♥♥♥♥).

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