Friday, February 1, 2013

Savannah Smiles

Yesterday H had his nine-month "well baby" appointment. The verdict is that he is doing really well, yay! I always have a fear that because he is such a willowy little gentleman, he will get hit with that "failure to thrive" label, how terrible that would be? But thrive he does. His new favourite activity is walking the dining room chairs around. As a special surprise bonus, no shots required this time around. Woo.

In other news, we are trying out some of the American Girl Guide cookies. I was surprised when I asked the wee guide on my doorstep what kinds of cookies she had. She rattled off some names that seemed to bear no resemblance to words I know like "chocolate", "mint", or "vanilla". I asked her which were the best, and without even a moments hesitation she said "Savannah Smiles". So that is what we have. Turns out they are lemon flavoured. Also, they are disgusting. I googled around a little to find out whether this is just the way that these cookies are now, but apparently American and Canadian guides are pushing totally different product.

In an unsurprising and characteristically no-fun-at-all way, I'm also not sure how I feel about the whole principle of kids selling cookies. Here is what the US Guides website says about what is really going on when I buy those Savannah Smiles: "When a Girl Scout sells you cookies, she's building a lifetime of skills and confidence. She learns goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to life.  By putting her mind and energies to something, a Girl Scout can overcome any challenge. There are no limits. She can be anything. She can do anything."

Hmm. Really? Well, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but it probably could teach responsibility. At some point I sold chocolate covered almonds to raise money for a dance outfit (all white unitard for dance, modern dance that is), but I honestly think I ate 90% of the almonds myself. That was definitely not responsible, though I did learn how delicious those things are, and I probably contributed to the excellent fit of the unitard. Speaking of responsibility, here is something interesting (three years old but still relevant judging from the Smiles ingredients) about the use of palm oil in Girl Guide cookies. I think I'll have to add "the ethical nag" to my blog reader so I can expand my repertoire of no-fun ideas. 
Well, reservations aside, I'm kind of hoping another guide comes to the door so that I can try one of the other flavours. No Savannah Smiles were consumed in the writing of this post. OK, they were. Just by me though, and there aren't any white unitards in my future. On Heiko and cookies? A topic for another post I think. 


  1. I don't mean to comment on every post, but this is my sleepy period of the afternoon, so I am forced to check on the happenings of the world to stay awake.

    The people in my office are obsessed with the Samoas and Thin Mints kinds of Girl Scout Cookies, and they hoard them in their desks. Next time that girl comes, you should try those ones.

    1. Ha. OK, well I love comments so please don't stop. Thanks for the tip. "Thin Mints" was definitely not an option, but maybe she did say something about the Samoas.

  2. Samoas and thin mints are my favorites. I love lemon cookies too, though, so it's disappointing that they're no good...