Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Wet Flapping Object

Last year, in a pre-baby fit of decluttering, I transferred some old VHS cassettes to DVD. I know what you are thinking, it was my Princess Bride era movie collection. But no. It was the record of some of my own attempts at film making. Film making. Here is a very early work (this is more than 15 years old!), collaborative with the one and only elder sister Ross. In fact, this was shot in Temagami on 8mm film-film, using only in-camera edits.  Then it was transferred to VHS, and then to DVD and now, the big little blog screen. It was loosely based on a Harlequin Romance novel. Quite loose, clearly. We had some lighting issues here and there, as you can see. Oh, and it is a silent film, so don't worry about turning up the volume (you can look forward to the non-silent later works, which feature homemade techno!).

OK, I'll quit this preamble stuff.  Now, I present to you, A Wet, Flapping Object.


  1. heh WOW

    clearly the record of my first 'drag' performance. Me feels there has been much lost in the translation... my "original VHS" version is way clearer.

    truly i tremble at the awsomeness of the creative spirit. I also love how it starts with the word bored...

    LOVE spending the morning catching up on your thoughtful, funny, beautiful, honest blog posts sis... solid inspiration is what i'm feeling.

    MISS YOU ALL!!!!!

    elder Ross sister

    1. Aw! So nice.
      I didn't realize that you had a VHS copy! The question is, what about Robotrix?
      Miss you :)