Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A windy wind

It has been windy here. Blustery and cool. We drove down to Denver to talk to the border protection folks about the car (not going to bother with the boring details on that one), and decided to have a picnic lunch at a nearby state park. However the wind whipped us back into the car for the return trip faster than we had planned.
There has been a lot of car drama. Between importing the car, transferring ownership, obtaining insurance, getting Colorado license plates (parenthetical rant: I'm soooo sick of those "respect life" vanity plates people have here. They make me feel sick to my stomach, especially when I see them parked in the teacher spots at our nearby elementary school. Just over half the states seem to have variations on the choose/respect life plates, and only four have pro-choice plates. Just madness.), getting drivers licenses (one down, one to go), and getting a new car seat for Mr. Long and Lean, it seems like the car to-do list is long. But it is a good little vehicle. Especially when piloted while listening to 95.7 The Party. Don't let the dial slide though friends, 95.3 is Praise FM. Probably the perfect soundtrack for those respect life plates. OK, I'm stopping.

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