Thursday, March 14, 2013

Driving and R.I.C.E.-ing

Yesterday I drove down to Boulder to go shopping. Yep. Shopping in Boulder. You see I have a wedding to go to this summer (so excited for sw + mm!) plus I'm trying to assemble a capsule wardrobe for our upcoming travel adventures this summer. How little can I get away with? Not so little that I don't need to buy new things, apparently (and by need, of course I mean want).

Anyway, have you ever noticed how awful driving is? I'm kind of a newbie driver in some ways so I'm still getting used to the whole driving thing. Last night I had a dream that I was driving in the darkness and none of the other drivers were using headlights. It was terrible (and not so far from the truth -- many drivers around here don't seem to turn their lights on until well into the dusky period of the evening). Anyway, the real driving wasn't as bad as all that, but it is still just such a terrible use of time. I spent almost all of the day in the car. And, what is worse, when I got home I stubbed my toe and it turned black. OK, the toe thing has nothing to do with driving, I just wanted to mention it. Fine, complain about it. I'm R.I.C.E-ing it though, so, it should be fine soon. The 'E' in R.I.C.E is exercise, right? I'm running in miles now, so... I have to go farther.

But back to cars. I'm still surprised by how drive-y a place Fort Collins is. Despite the great bicycle infrastructure, the idea of not having a car is jaw-droppingly weird to foco residents. I've heard a lot of folks talking about the sacrifices involved in being a one car family/household/couple. People here also speak about how "close" they live to downtown (or groceries, or chicken feed or whatever), but they don't actually mean close in any reasonable human terms, they just mean within 15 minutes drive.

All that said, we are super lucky to have a car now, since things like late night trips to urgent care for H's ear infections would be mighty tricky without it. And in a sort of hypocritical turn, it allows us to explore more of Colorado's truly beautiful great outdoors. Still though, I feel that every time I strap Heiko into his car seat I am doing something irresponsible. Why should I expose him to the risks of car travel? Especially when doing silly things like piloting to Boulder for shopping trips. From now on I think I'll save myself the white knuckle stress and bad dreams and spend a little more on shipping costs to order my capsule wardrobe elements and special dress online. And I'll look forward to someday living in a real city again where a car is not such a necessity.

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  1. I'm sorry that polyvore took over my blogger and posted my capsule wardrobe :) That was not supposed to happen.