Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Remember how I said that I was okay with H entering the double digits at ten months? Well, here we are at 11 months and I feel like my heart will explode. I feel like I'm in the passenger seat of a too-fast moving car (i.e. any car, by definition...) doing that futile and instinctive leg braking thing. I just want to slow it all down. 
A few fun things happened this month. The man learned how to clap, for one thing. That is pretty cute. Just seeing the look on his face as he delights in his own accomplishment is amazing. He met a dog named Benny that he really liked. 
He got his first ever ear infection, and his first ever prescription. He had his first, and possibly second allergic reactions (peanuts, then penicillin). OK, those parts weren't so fun. Let's get back to fun. 
One of my favourite things about Heiko is his quiet screams. When he gets really excited he screams, but really really quietly. Like whisper screams.  Ahhhhhhh!
I'm starting to find myself with a tiny bit more time on my hands. H will move around the house, exploring all of the things. The bookshelves, the dishwasher, the dryer, what's cooking in the oven?, the dining room chairs need to be rearranged, these shoelaces are interesting, ohmygash a spoon!, and so on. He is getting to be so independent, at least some of the time. 
Mealtimes continue to be fun but frustrating. He seems to eat so very little. He has started doing a funny thing though. We will pass him a piece of food, and he will pass it back. It is quite cute. He is fully competent with the sippy cup now, although he likes it when we hold it for him. He also loves taking big boy sips from real glasses or my water bottle. Still no teeth yet. 

Also, still no walking! I actually thought he'd be walking long ago, but it seems he is taking his time with that piece, which is just fine by me. The thing is that he is super efficient at getting around on his knees, so perhaps his motivation is low. He does watch toddlers and older children with great interest however. We'll see what the next month holds!

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