Friday, March 22, 2013

Seven years ago

Yesterday Heiko was working on one of his normal normal projects, pulling books off of shelves. This time he pulled out one of my old sketchbooks/journals, and all of the papers and envelopes and mementos that were tucked inside spilled out over the floor. Gathering them up, I noticed one big folded up drawing. When I unfolded it, I was transported back in time....
[I'm sorry for the very poor quality of these photos by the way, the drawing is very light]

It is me! Seven years ago. A collaborative drawing (with P) to investigate my job/life/future prospects. This was the state of my life at that time, working an admin position at a venture capital firm:

The PhD was on the table:

So was an MFA, which totally surprises me, looking back. I wonder what would have happened if I had done an MFA at York instead of that PhD..... Note that in this picture, an MFA clearly leads to a root cellar which has wine in it. This should have made the choice obvious, no?

Other options were also presented. Oh, I miss Roxy, our late tail-less kitteh. I'm not sure why the dashed line to the future says "webtool" on it.

It is so interesting to me to look back on this, now that one branch of the mind map thingie has come to pass. I can say that my brain currently does not feel like it has lightening bolts of intelligent thought zinging out of it. Nope. But I am happy that one of the big bubbles is now in the past, and also that the soul-sucking pipeline of that old job is simply a very distant memory. And, while we don't have a root cellar exactly, we do have a creepy crawlspace. There is no wine in there, but I think there is at least a bucket of homemade beer in progress.

I think it might be about time to create a new map. Sadly I'm not sure it will be any more clear than the one above. But perhaps in another seven years it will provide some giggles, if not also a little insight into Elissa2013. E-13. And of course, this guy will be on the new schematic.


  1. I'd like to know more about Roxy's sweater. I've been trying to think of ways to put clothes on Izzy, but I'm worried for my delicate, paper-like skin. Has future Elissa developed a way to dress cats as paper?

    1. Yeah, I was never brave enough to put a sweater on Roxy either. When we drew this we were living in what we called the "pet food district" of Vancouver. But actually, it was home to much much more. If you were a pet, that is. There was a full on pet spa (dog treadmill, etc.) along with many charming outfits for the animals. So, cat sweaters were never far from our minds. Still, maybe Fort Collins needs a cat sweater store. And I'll work on the corresponding protective gear required by their human companions.

  2. Oooooh! I love secret forts! Can't wait to play secret hideouts and PEEK! mummers