Friday, March 1, 2013

The ink dries

Well, I have a jobsjobsjobsjobsjobs update for all of you all.

I have just signed a contract to be a "postdoctoral scholar" at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts. Humorously, my responsibilities include "collaborating with faculty members in discreet mathematics." What would that be, I wonder? I do "discrete mathematics" by the way, as opposed to all that yucky continuous stuff that calculus students hate so much. But that is all kind of an aside. Point is: JOB!

I feel incredibly mixed about it all. On the one hand, I'm happy to have the next couple years more or less worked out. There is a professor at WPI who I can learn a lot from. And, WPI was very flexible in the negotiations. I won't start until January 2014, and then we'll spend the fall of 2014 here in Colorado, to return to Worcester again in January 2015. I know, it is complicated. Which brings me to the other hand, the hand that sighs a deep, heavy "ughhhhh". That is the hand that asks if it is worth it, all this disruption. What will happen after WPI? Plus, I know this is kind of superficial, but Colorado in the winter is just great. It is, Coloradical, to be honest. The sunshine, the warm days, what a treat. For weather reasons we really should be spending the fall in the east and the winters in the west. No matter.

So there is the job update. I have a lot of other things to share. It has been busy around here I suppose. Between yoga school, my somewhat ridiculous running regime, various fermentation projects, visitors and Downton Abbey, I have been otherwise occupied. I have a backlog of little things to say.

Oh fine. One Heiko photo.


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    1. It always surprises me how close Boston is to NYC. Playdate!!!!!

  2. Congrats, Ross! You'll make it work. And WPI is a very upbeat acronym (at least if you sound out).

    1. Yay, thanks. WPI sounds like some kind of crime-fighting group. I'm on board. Fighting crime, discreetly, with math :)