Monday, March 4, 2013

Update from yoga school

Did I mention that I am in yoga school? Twice a week I don my leggings and cycle off to the yoga studio, where we sit around and do weird chanting and learn anatomy and do yoga poses and practice teach one another and make jokes. It is highly enjoyable. I'm learning a lot! I even have cue cards, just like in real school. Right now I am preparing for my midterm practicum, coming up on Saturday. Eeee!
My views on yoga have sure come a long way, and they are also still evolving. I used to think that yoga was really really bad. In part this was because I didn't understand what yoga was, and in part it was because my initial exposure to yoga was through an odd organization that I now see as kind of cult-like.

I'm not sure whether I'll end up teaching yoga. I may try to do a little here before my real job starts up. But it is funny for me to think about teaching yoga, and also teaching math. Teaching math, with only a few exceptions, makes people feel really quite bad. Most people hate math, sadly. Teaching yoga, on the other hand, makes people feel really good (yes, and there are a few exceptions there too!). So, maybe these things will cancel out? Or, OR! Perhaps P and I will end up in a sufficiently large and sufficiently flakey city that I can open my yoga-math tutoring school. What's that, you ask? Well, we'd use yoga and meditation to help people (kids, university students and adults) both focus on math problems and overcome math anxiety. Yep. I'm joking, mostly. I actually think this is an OK idea, and a few minutes of googling around indicates that there are some folks already doing these kinds of things, and some research to back it up.

So, I'm taking suggestions for the name of my yoga-math school. Na-math-ste? Oh, it is terrible. But then, I have a history of seriously bad business name ideas. Mural, Mural on the Wall anyone?

I don't seem to have any particularly topical photos for this post, so I'll leave you with this. What Heiko thinks of my idea:


  1. Mural, Mural on the Wall was a seriously bad name. Really, we got a surprising amount of business.

    1. True, true. Also it should be mentioned that the name wasn't our idea, I don't think. If I remember correctly it was Kady who suggested it?

  2. Perhaps students learn math better after an hour on the mat. From Mat to Math. Is there a research grant in there somewhere?

  3. We do need to recall your brother's summer carpentry enterprise "The Dreadful Gate". You can never tell where these ventures lead.