Friday, March 8, 2013

Winter Storm Warning

Hey, there.
A colleague of Patrick's told him that springtime in Fort Collins consists a day of summer followed by a day of winter followed by a day of summer, and so on. Seems true to me. We are under a winter storm warning for tomorrow (complete with possible yoga school snow day -- I'm not really happy about missing yoga, at all, but something about the snow day factor makes it kind of great). Yesterday, on the other hand, was spectacular. Sunny, and close to 20 degrees. Celsius degrees, of course. H and I spent the afternoon in the garden, exploring. Why is it that my child rejects sweet potatoes and pears and blueberries and all sorts of other delicious things, but will happily eat handfuls of dirt, sticks and whatever else he finds in his path?
By the way, today is a medium kind of day. Not too warm, not too cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy. Intermediate Value Theorem, y'all. 


  1. Aleen regularly rejects pasta (what?), but she will sample just about every food that can be found on the ground, and has a special penchant for sand, rocks, puddle water and kelp.

    1. Oh but kelp is so healthy!

    2. Sadly, not when it's from the Santa Monica Bay.