Friday, March 15, 2013

You dropped your baby

Well first of all, let me put your mind at ease, I didn't drop my baby. It's just Friday, it is the day before the start of spring break in a college town (which happens to coincide with March break for the kiddies), and we are enjoying a strangely glorious warm spell here in Fort Collins. I walked downtown to do some errands in sandals and my t-shirt billowed in the warm breeze. Ahhhh.... lovely.
But all this change does something to people. All of a sudden the car-yellers come out of the woodwork and/or their parents' basements. I guess it just seems like the right time to drive around and yell at people. Anyway, today some guy thought it would be hilarious to tell me (repeatedly) that I'd dropped my baby (Heiko was in the stroller). It wasn't hilarious, and it actually kind of stressed me out.

That is the whole story/complaint. Otherwise, life is good. I'm happy it is Friday, that the weather is beautiful, and that it is the start of spring break. We have big plans for the week. Some car-related administration, buying a new car seat for the lank factory H-man, some crafts, some ferments, some house stuff, possibly starting on a DIY play kitchen for Heiko, some travel planning, and perhaps a mini-roadtrip or two. Maybe we'll do some car-yelling. No, probably not that.

Weekend on, dudes.

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