Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Asana at altitude

We spent the weekend at a yoga ashram, for realsies! This was part of my yoga training. We were at Shoshoni, which is at an elevation of almost 10,000 feet. It was somewhat breathless, and also breathtaking up there in the mountains outside of Boulder. I'm still reeling a little from the experience. It was at once quite enjoyable but also a big challenge for me, as someone who bristles a little even just saying "namaste". This was a full-on ashram with lots and lots of ritual practices and life-size statues of deities. Actually, some of the statues (called Murtis) were larger than life size, which is a really curious thing to behold.
Anyway,  I was lucky enough to have my two favourite guys with me! Enjoying ashram life and apparently doing math... the mathshram.

In addition to doing a lot of yoga and waking up really really early, we also went on a little walk, which was beautiful. The guys saw six elk, but I wasn't so lucky.

It was a nice weekend. I'm glad to be back to earth though, down here at 5000 feet. I brought some questions home with me: What is a cult? (this is possible to answer, I think). What is yoga, anyway? (harder). What is spirituality? (really hard apparently). True or false: this sentence is false. Finally, I wrote this with my foot? No, that's not a one. Here is Heiko, looking like he is receiving answers.

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