Thursday, April 4, 2013

Front Range love

Recently, we've been grumbling a little, OK a lot, about living in here in Fort Collins, and also about living in America in general. I don't know how much of that has seeped onto this blog, but I want to counter that negativity with a little list of local loves:
- I can run on beautiful trails facing the mountains and it is gorgeous and smells like horses and dry, sweet grass (photos from yesterday)
- It is great to live here if you think tumbleweeds are hilarious, which I do
- I recently discovered the blog of this craft shop in Denver. Check out this awesome post about pioneer fash which I am so so into (not like, so-so, but more like so SO, you know, extra so). I definitely hope to visit this shop next time we're in Denver
- There are lots of other pioneer elements, such as the name of our street (Pioneer Ave!), and the inspiration to make jams, pickles, ferments, sweaters (see Heiko, below), quilts (it grows!) and other handicrafts
- Speaking of Pioneer Ave, I love our cozy little bungalow
- People here really are truly very friendly
- Yoga school is amazeballs and the local gals in my class are pure sweetness
- Food-wise you are in luck if you like bison, coffee and salsa. 
- Weather-wise you are in luck if you like sunshine. Oh the sunshine


  1. "Next time we are in Denver" = "First time we are in Denver"

  2. I have lived here ten years and I still grumble about America. But I'm still here.

    Also, next time you are in Denver you should eat ice cream here:

  3. I love Heiko's fashion pose with his little go-cart!
    Also your quilt=awesomeness :)
    -S in the TdotO

    1. Yes, he is quite fashionable, isn't he? Glad you are liking the quilt... I'm pleased that it is growing, but still unhappy with colours and so on. Don't know how it'll all come together in the end... maybe I might require a quillow consultation? !