Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Winter Storm Yogi

So we have snow here. A lot of snow, really it is a lot, maybe closing in on two feet now. Every day I think it will stop snowing, and every day it continues. It is a big mess, and we still don't have a snow shovel! The broom is really no match for this much snow. We've been a little cooped up as a result, gradually eating through the random assortment of foods in the fridge and cupboard. The meals are getting more and more "interesting." Heiko and I are waiting for a break in the snow today to head downtown to replenish the provisions, though it is possible no break will materialize.
I didn't know that we were in the business of naming winter storms, but apparently this one is called Winter Storm Yogi. It seems pretty appropriate. I can hardly believe that there is less than a month left in my yoga school. I kind of want it to continue forever because it is fun, and also because it is scary to emerge into the big wide world, calling yourself a yoga teacher. We'll see.
Meantime, H and I are just going to cozy up and wait this out. Maybe we'll do a few sun salutations. Someone should tell old Yogi that it is springtime! 

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