Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My neighbours hate me

But aren't dandelions beautiful? Here is my dandelion meadow, nicely set off by our crabapple tree which is finally proving it is good for something, namely looking kind of pretty in the spring time.

We hired an environmentally friendly lawn care company, who came today for the first time. It is actually just like a dude with a bike trailer and a push mower. A little while later someone else showed up to help him. They are still here, actually. It is taking them a really really long time. It reminds me of that Portlandia sketch about the bicycle moving company.

The other day I saw my neighbour spraying his lawn with pesticides. Honestly! What is wrong with you people? The same people who love to get out of town and "into nature" also love to have complete control over their little patch of green. Let the wind come up and blow my dandelion puffs in your direction!

But ughhh, I should end this rant. I'm starting to sound like the lady I encountered yesterday who muttered at me ("I just don't understand people!") for not stopping at a stop sign. I was walking with the stroller, and there were no cars around. She stopped though, with her dog in his stroller. She was using arm signals. Awesome.

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