Sunday, May 5, 2013

Running around, averagely

Hey everybody.
Well, I ran a race. It was my first ever race, a 10km, which is kind of a funny thing in this strange land of imperial units, since they still insist on measuring it out in miles (6.2miles, which makes that last 1.2 miles verrrrrry long). Anyway. Considering that I slept only a few interrupted hours last night (a long story involving Heiko, a fever, dubiously diagnosed ear infection, several different antibiotics and the "elephant barfs" (photo is from healthier days)), and I did 2.5 hours of yoga asana yesterday afternoon, I guess it went OK. I didn't hit my goal pace, but I suppose my goal was kind of arbitrary when it comes right down to it. I should probably be pretty happy, since just a few years ago I couldn't even run for a full minute without stopping, and this morning I ran the whole 10km with no walk breaks. Woo. But here is the thing. I came in right in the middle. There were 599 runners, and I finished 301st. Similarly in my age/sex category (66 of 140... just a teeny bit better than average). It is funny in a way. If I were a lot slower than average, I suppose I could say "but I finished!", and if were much speedier then it could be "I went fast". But here I am, right in the middle.

So there we are. A personal record (by default)! And I suppose I have something to work on now. Yet, I'm not sure I'll ever run a race again. What a strange thing to do, don't you think? It is funny to me that running races has become so amazingly popular. Everyone seems to be running marathons and half marathons these days! Not in my future, I don't think.

Running is such a solitary and simple act, which is really what I love about it. Racing makes it social, sort of.  I didn't really socialize much on the course, which was beautiful by the way, winding along the Poudre river. And it was cool at the point where the 10K loop joined the marathon and half marathon tracks. Super muscular dudes loped by, their sweat and breath misting into the morning air. Hard to understand how they could make it look so easy when they were most of the way through their course, while I was wondering how I'd finish the second half of mine. "Isn't he pretty?" an older woman sighed beside me as one of these scantily clad visions of sinew and stamina breezed past.

Unfortunately, again due to the fever, dubiously diagnosed ear infection, several different antibiotics and the "elephant barfs", no one was there to meet me at the finish line. So I limped around the post race gatherings, and snacked on some orange slices before finding my bike and slowing cruising home.

So ends the story of my extremely average 10 kilometres. My overwhelming feeling is a big 'ol "meh". I'm glad to have trained for it, I'm in the best running shape of my life, but... I think I may just stick to going on my fun little runs with Heiko in the stroller, taking in the scenery and slowly working on getting faster and going longer. I'm not sure I'll bother to race again. This photo of Heiko is unrelated to this post obviously, except that my running shoes are somewhat visible in the background. And that Heiko rarely feels "meh" about anything.

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