Monday, May 13, 2013

Yogic Free Fall

I was in an elevator after a yoga function, traveling up. Chatting with Nanda Devi about the summer plans. Suddenly the elevator shuddered and we heard a loud grinding sound. "Fun!", said Nanda Devi. I managed a tense smile, but I wasn't so sure. Our upward motion slowed to a rocky stop, and then we started to feel the elevator begin to travel smoothly downward, faster and faster, falling falling. Soon our feet were no longer on the floor of the elevator as we too were in free fall. My entire weightless body tensed to receive the impact of our crash, but the elevator simply continued to roar loudly down. All at once the situation transformed into a overbearing muffled quiet, complete stillness and brilliant bright white light. Is this sleep, I thought? Death? Enlightenment!? I couldn't move. Finally I managed to roll over in bed and feel my heart pounding.
Maybe it was the Mother's Day bison burgers on the first day of hot summer weather, but my night was full of supernaturally vivid dreams last night. I graduated from yoga school on Saturday, which was a moment of both happiness and sadness. I have a lot more to write and share, about yoga, about mother's day round II, about Heiko, about surviving four days of solo parenting, about flowers and weather and the rest of the little things. I'll try to be back this week with some of that, I just wanted to get things started. Summary: big bundle of emotions. Mostly love, and some tears. Lots of tears.

Bye for now.

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