Thursday, July 25, 2013

And then it was over.

Here we are, back in Toronto again. Five countries in six weeks, and now, back to YYZ and loonies and the heterogeneous. Back to more excellent yoga places than I have time to sample, including this place just down the street which made (yoga-) news for its interesting positive space initiatives. Back to "healthy food", aka almond butter and sweet potatoes and kale, kale! Not together, but these were just some of the hard-to-find staples of our diet that we missed while away. Back to good coffee that doesn't cost $6 (I'm talking about you, Copenhagen).
Even after visiting all of the glamorous, beautiful, historic and functional European cities, Toronto is, well, still the one I love the most it seems. "The good thing," says Patrick (on missing Toronto), "is that the weather is always bad." But then later "there are a lot of bad things about Toronto, I just can't think of any."
I have a lot of photos to sift through, from Denmark and Germany. Right now, we're just enjoying the familiarity of home (or at least, one of our kind-of homes), plus we're living with a jet-lagged little boy. We slept in to the glorious hour of 5:30am this morning. More soon.

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