Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Denmark Stuff

I have been meaning to write about Denmark for a while now, mainly so that I don't forget what we saw and did there.
Buuuut, before I write about Denmark, I better mention how it was that we got there. We took an overnight train! FUN! For some reason, P and I were super excited about this part of the trip, and we really weren't disappointed. In fact, while on the train we learned that it was running several hours behind schedule and we literally cheered.
We've been hearing a lot of bad stories about high speed trains lately, but it is truly such a comfortable and civilized way to travel. We took along a little dinner, and watched the countryside roll by. Eventually we settled into our bunks (with their advertised "snug duvets"!) for a snooze, although that is where the train experience didn't shine quite as brightly, since no one in our group slept particularly well. No matter, the little breakfast in the little box to be eaten on the little table made up for it. Yes, it was a good old time.
So then we were in Denmark. We were staying in a suburban area of Copenhagen, which, because it is only suburban by European standards, was an easy 25 minute bike ride from downtown. It was a chill couple of weeks, full of rye bread themed picnics and hanging out with Gaby and Brian, who were the real reason we were there. We saw a bit of Copenhagen, and some of the surrounding countryside and nearby places.
Copenhagen itself was nice. Beautiful, walkable and highly bike-able. More so than the Netherlands I would say, which is funny since I would think that Denmark's Northern climate would preclude biking for large parts of the year. Unfortunately, it was also extremely expensive, but we found ways to make it work, mainly by not eating out (although I am filled with regret that I didn't get porridge at one of the porridge cafes!). There were ample opportunities for high quality picnics with amazing big city parks everywhere. We had beautiful weather when we were there, which was nice of course but also meant that I rarely pulled out the camera with all that bright sunlight.
And finally we said farewell to Scandanavia. I'll tell you about our vacation from our vacation in Germany another time. Until then!

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