Thursday, August 29, 2013


I'm having a problem getting the 2500+ photos (!!!!!) from the last three months off my camera. "Not enough space!" cries my dinosaur laptop. So my big plans to super-share all of our adventures are on hold, until I find the time to get over my no-deleting compulsion. No matter. I can tell you about something else instead. Or a few other things, I'm in the mood to ramble.
Tomorrow I am teaching my first *real* yoga class. For realsies. 7:30 am Flow Yoga (by donation) with Elissa! Hey hey. I hope someone comes. Anyone. Someone?
So that is cause for excitement. But I'm also jazzed because I found what I think is some great music to use. It is a tricky thing that, music in a yoga class. It can be so great, and it can also be really shitty. Like that time on 12/12/12 when I took a yoga class at noon and the instructor started the music at 12:12. Way to hype the first song right? But it fell flat. The song just didn't do it for me. There are a lot of teachers who use civilian music (aka music not designed for yoga) in classes, with varying degrees of success. I had quite a moment a few years back doing sun sals to TLC's "Waterfalls" on full blast. I also recently heard Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" in a class which made me smile (thanks, Chelsey!).
Right. But back in the day, back in the pre-baby day when going to yoga class meant taking that nine minute walk up the street to the ultra-hip vision of plywood walls and cork floors, I used to go to a class with a live DJ accompaniment. And I was musing to myself today, as I hung out the laundry in that blazing hot clothes-are-dry-before-you-finish-hanging-them-up sun, I was musing to myself how nice it would be to find that music again. But, OH, that was sooo long ago.
As a side note about the passage of time, today I was in the bike store, joining all the college students (15 years my junior) with their various pedal and wheel and brake problems. I was in there with a flat tire, not on my bike, but on the jogging stroller, which was somehow embarrassing. Anyway, the gentleman repairing the tire asked me if Heiko was my first baby. When I said yes he said "But you are so young!". I looked at him puzzled (never get ID'd these days) and said something like "uh, no". He grinned and said, "yeah, you wish, right?". I must look like a wizened old mom-witch compared to the young moms of Fort Collins. Ah well, good thing I don't care about that kind of stuff anymore.
The point is, so much time has passed since those days. Going to a yoga class is now an exercise in long term planning and tradeoff. Yet, yet! I found that music. That music from that class from that time in my life so long ago. It was actually pretty easy. Thank you, Rakkatak! In their words, "Trax to link breath and movement inspired by sounds from the city and nature." I hope my class tomorrow likes this music as much as I do. I hope that I can pull it off, this yoga teacher thing. I hope I can say the good yoga teacher things and not the bad (point your Ghandi LASER there). I hope no one calls me out for being a young-old-yoga-hating-mom-witch. I hope I hope I hope!
These photos by the way are all the out takes from a yoga-instructor-photo sesh at the cottage. The gangle-mom-witch in action, yes?

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