Monday, August 26, 2013

Home again, or something

We are back in blazing hot Colorado. I took this photo on the drive from Denver International to our house. I always like the honesty of those first photos in a new place, and here I was pointing my camera at the heavens, in awe of that sky!
When the shuttle dropped us off in front of our house, the driver asked Patrick if he knew where he was going, she said he looked "lost". He was probably just taking in the wild overgrown gaggle of sunflowers out front (the back garden is a whole other story, for another day). In a way we were a bit lost though, standing in front of our house full of our stuff but feeling heavy-hearted to be leaving behind a summer of adventure and connection. A summer which left us with a lot of large looming question marks about the future.
Anyway, we are here, and here we are. Back to work for Patrick. Back to work for this housewife, or something. Back to our old new friends. Back to our own kitchen, which is both lovely and tiring -- really do we need to eat three meals a day? Heiko on the other hand, doesn't go back to anything, he just hurtles forward, racing around the yard.
And, despite the searing hot mid-day sun, the night brings cool air and a whisper of fall. Of new beginnings and changes and the hard work of establishing routines. I have a lot to share still from the summer and also from the future, or so I think. And I'll have more time now that I'm not on vacation? Ha ha. I'll be back soon, I hope. Till then!

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