Friday, September 6, 2013

Evenings and things

It has been hot here. Like, really fiery hot. I learned today that the schools were closed a few days back due to the heat. We've been avoiding the outdoors in the midday. And when we do get outside in the late evenings, what better to do than explore the nice cool water! P took these photos, by the way, I was busy getting wet.
Or perhaps you'd prefer to roll around some of our big round zucchinis.
A summary of the rest of life?

Heat aside, it has been pretty wonderful to settle into our routines here, and see a lot of familiar faces around town. We've been attending to our flock of sunflowers and it is zucchini and/or kale at every meal. We made some peach jam. I continue to gaze with wonder at that big Colorado sky.
My feelings about my upcoming re-entry into the academic world (and accompanying move (temporarily) across the continent) have been as follows: .....updownupdownupdowndownupup..... a one-dimensional nonperiodic sequence *nerd-sound* of ups and downs (a Fibonacci string!). But really. I'm reading a math book now. Things I haven't thought about in ages. Looking up embarrassingly simple facts from calculus. Coming to terms with the fact that I'm really really scared.
So yeah, there is that. As I said, I'm reading this math book. It is kind of fun, in a way. The reassuring truthiness of it all (barfing a little by the fact that the automatic spell-check is not picking up on the non-word truthiness). When my feelings about the whole postdoc project are so all over the place, as least there is math.... the simple beauty of yes/no and right/wrong. The ultimate dualism that those yogis hate so much! Oh funny.
Heiko has learned how to give hugs. Sometimes he comes up behind me when I'm crouched down to give me a hug. It is pretty much the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life when it happens. I tried to capture it on "film," but mostly failed. Hopefully you get the idea.
Have a great weekend, everyone.

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